CCP Beef Fat Powder

For rapidly available energy and high energy needs

Beef fat powder is absorbed by the body extremely rapidly. This results in the immediate release of calories to meet immediate energy demands. It is also a superb feed supplement that helps the animal’s body develop better.

Cat Care Plus Beef Fat Powder is characterised by the following beneficial qualities:

  • improves acceptance with loss of appetite
  • with high energy demand (gestation, convalescence)
  • rapidly available energy

When cats eat poorly over a long period they lose body substance—and this has serious consequences for their health.

Beef fat is very tasty and contains a lot of energy.

It enhances acceptance of the complete food and supplies the body with many additional calories. Also useful during gestation or convalescence (recovery phase following illness). 

Говяжий жир, глюкоза

Аналитические составляющие:
Сырой белок 3,0%, сырые масла и жиры 80,0%, сырая зола 2,0%, влажность 1,0%, глюкоза 14,0%

Применение / дозировка:
ежедневно 1 / 2-1 чайная ложка