CCP Herbal Yeast Tablets

Boost resistance and supply vitamins

Particular situations—such as stress, moulting, feeding with BARF, convalescence following illness and gestation—necessitate additional feeding with vital substances.

Cat Care Plus Herbal Yeast Tablets are characterised by the following beneficial qualities:

  • outstanding as treatment
  • supply essential vitamins and minerals
  • optimise nutrient supply
  • boost resistance

Vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids are necessary for a healthy and active life. Yeast provides carnivorous cats and dogs with the nutrients that they are really able to utilise. For that reason they have high bioavailability.The yeast cells for these tablets are broken down in a natural way, so that the extremely effective constituents can truly be made available to the carnivore’s organism.

The Herbal Yeast Tablets (Vital Tablets) are outstandingly suited to making available vitamins, minerals and amino acids (building blocks for a healthy organism) as a one-off treatment or on a permanent basis.

A course of treatment for approximately 6 weeks provides support and regeneration; when feeding with homemade meals or BARF, essential nutrients are made available.

Under conditions of gestation or convalescence, or with the passage of the years when the body needs support, permanent addition to the daily feed provides effective support for every pet.


deactivated dried yeast, maize starch, lactose, herbal mix

Analysis of components:

crude protein 33.4 %, crude oils and fats 3.7 %, crude fibre 6.0 %, crude ash 6.3 %, moisture 4.0 %, starch 17.7 %


1-2 tablets daily