CCP Stomach / Intestinal Herbal Paste

Tasty paste for optimal gastrointestinal function

This product’s high content in natural constituents, rounded out with malt, taurine, salmon oil, marine algae and the original CATMIX35 herbal mix, supports digestion and gastrointestinal function when administered regularly.

CCP Stomach/Gut Herbal Paste characteristics:

Optimal metabolism makes for a happy cat.  You will alsosee that your cat gets fantastically shiny fur.

It will experience all-round health and fitness. The “hairball problem” is minimised by problem-free defaecation.

Stomach/Gut Herbal Paste is suitable for cats of all ages.

This new product in the form of a tasty paste greatly facilitates supplementing with useful nutrients that support the skeletal system and the sinews, ligaments and joints.

  • To Optimal digestion
  • Support for the digestion and the stomach/intestinal function
  • Optimum metabolism
  • Fantastic shiny, silky soft fur
  • minimise – ‘hair of bunion problem
  • Suitable for all cats of all ages too


vegetable by-products, oils and fats, algae, herbs

Analysis of components:

crude protein 3.2 %, crude oils and fats 32.5 %, crude fibre 15.3 %, crude ash 1.5 %, moisture 12.0 %

Additives: physiological feed additives per kg:

taurine 3,000 mg

Technological additives:

antioxidant, preservative

Direction for use:

mix approximately 2 cm of paste into a daily feed (dry or wet).

Give the paste to the cat straight from the tube or mixed with the usual complete food, or carefully place the paste on a paw. The cat will immediately want to clean itself and will lick off the essential nutrients.