CCP Taurin Plus Powder

Cat Care Plus Taurine Plus Powder

To support energy metabolism

Taurine, an amino acid essential for cats, supports the energy metabolism and promotes good vision and optimal heart function.

Cat Care Plus Taurin Plus Powder is characterised by the following beneficial qualities:

  • Taurine important for the heart
  • necessary for the eyes
  • boosts the energy metabolism
  • improves fertility
  • supplies the mineral sulphur (a component of the body’s proteins, connective tissue, hair and claws)

In addition, taurine is important for fertility, which is important mainly for breeding cats.

As taurine cannot be produced by the cat itself, it must be added to the feed. Complete foods with a lot of meat usually contain sufficient taurine to facilitate all metabolism processes and to supply the eyes and heart properly.

Nevertheless, additional supplementing is indicated to fully cover daily needs. For adult cats, needs range from 100 mg to 500 mg per day, which is certainly covered by Taurine Plus Powder.

Excessive taurine is excreted with the urine or the faeces through the gall bladder, so oversupply is not an issue.


taurine (95.0 %), brewer’s yeast (5.0 %)

Analysis of components:

crude protein 68.1 %, fat content < 0.2 %, crude fibre < 0.3 % , crude ash 1.0 %, moisture 0.4 %


Physiological feed additives per kg: taurine 950,000 mg

Direction for use:

kittens up to one year 100 mg/day (¼ measuring spoon) Adult cats (3–5 kg) 200 mg/day (½ measuring spoon)


Dissolve Taurine Plus Powder in a little lukewarm water and mix into canned feed or fresh meat.