grau Omega SkinCare

grau Omega SkinCare

Made from cold-pressed linseed (Golden Flax) & Borage Oil

The essential unsaturated omega-3- and omega-6-fatty acids made ofcold-pressed linseed and borage oil contained in Omega SkinCare, provide a magnificent shiny coat with an optimal structure and depth.

  • Grau Omega Skin Care toote omadused:

    • High in Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acids
    • supports skin & vitality
    • for a smooth, strong and long lasting coat
    • made of linseed oil, contains more omega-3-fatty acids than other plants
    • Borage Oil (Starflower) helps with skin conditions
    • provides elasticity and takes care of regeneration of cells
    • fast results (first signs after 4 – 5 days)
    • for brilliant shine
    • accelerates quick coat change
    • professional quality

    Furthermore the skin becomes smooth and without scaliness – excessive shedding will also be reduced considerably.


Linseed oil (Golden Flax), borage oil (Starflower). Naturally these oils contain a very high content of alpha-linolenic acid(Omega 3 ) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA Omega 6)

Analytical contents:

Fat content 96%

Feeding recommendation:

Small dogs (up to 10 kg) 1 – 2 ml daily Medium size dogs (10 – 30 kg) 3 – 5 ml daily Dogs over 30 kg 5 – 10 ml daily