HOKAMIX30 Bonies


HOKAMIX30 Bonies  – väikesed kondikesed, Optimaalne alternatiiv HOKAMIX30 pulbrile. Idealsed soobivad väikestele koertele ning kutsikatele.

Delicious treats for smaller dogs and puppies.

HOKAMIX30 Boniesare small and handy, so they can be used as a reward and motivation in education and training. With only 2% fat and pure herbal ingredients, they are THE calorie-conscious solution to reward with no regrets.

  • vegetarian
  • light
  • with seaweed (spirulina)

The special ingredient of these treats is the herbal mixture HOKAMIX30.  

What is HOKAMIX30?

Here are natural ingredients of 30 valuable plants, especially herbs that contain bioactive agents, combined. In this case, vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the body, but especially special, specific ingredients of some plants are important.

By rewarding with the HOKAMIX30 Bonies, a dog is slowly brought to the taste of the herbs and his organism can get used to their support.



Cereals (maize, wheat), alfalfa, vegetables (eg nettle), calamari, seeds (eg anise, linseed), lady’s mantle, goldenrod, horsetail, St. John’s wort, lungwort, yarrow, spice products (e.g. Cayenne pepper, rosemary), pansy herb, vegetable by-products, spirulina, oils and fats

Analytical components:

Crude protein 11.5%, fat content 2.0%, crude fiber 1.0%, raw ash 11.0%, moisture 16.0%


Puppies from the 6th week of life ½ bonus daily. Dogs from 5 kg 2 bonies daily from 15 kg 6 bonies daily Dogs from 7 kg 3 bonies daily from 20 kg 8 bonuses daily Dogs over 10 kg 4 Bonies daily from 30 kg 12 Bonies daily