Noodle-Mix Pasta+

Noodle-Mix Pasta+

Pre-cooked noodles with vegetables.

Ideal to mix with meat to enrich the BARF-menu, or canned food.

Noodle-Mix Pasta+

Product properties:

  • in combination with feeding meat
  • Pre-cooked
  • Tasty

Food supplement for dogs

grau Noodle Mix Pasta+ is especially developed by nutritional specialists as a food supplement to fresh or canned meat or fish as an excellent additional source of carbohydrates for dogs.

grau Noodle Mix Pasta+ is easily digestible for animals and an ideal change to their daily menu.


durum wheat semolina, tomato powder, spinach powder, may contain races of egg


crude protein 12 %, fat content 1.5 %, crude fibre 3.4 %, crude ash 0.8 %, moisture 13 %, calcium 0.02 %, phosphorus 0.13 %

Digestible energy:

2973 kcal/kg

Recommended preparation:

Put the prescribed quantity of grau Noodle Mix Pasta+ into a feeding bowl, add some slightly warm (not boiling) water and let it soak for about 10 minutes. grau Noodle Mix Pasta+ is then “al dente”. Then mix it with the required quantity of fresh or tinned meat or fish and give it to your dog. If your dog does not like this crispy food, you can let grau Noodle Mix Pasta+ soak for up to 30 minutes. Please always provide fresh water – not too cold!