PREMIUM-MIX Rice Mix with Vegetables

Pre-cooked rice and five types of vegetables

Ideal to mix with meat to enrich the BARF-menu, or canned food.

Product properties:

  • Pre-cooked rice and five types of vegetables (carrots, leek, kale, spinach, white cabbage)
  • In case of allergies
  • Weight control

Food supplement for dogs

Particularly for sensitive dogs of any age. Rice as the sole source of grain and easily digestible vegetables make it possible to create a tasty, special (bland) diet.

The special requirements relating to age, skin or weight problems can be addressed by varying the meat content.

Young dogs need ample animal protein, whereby older animals or those with skin irritations or excessive weight need considerably less.


rice flakes (opened, 97 %), carrots, leek, kale, spinach, white cabbage (Vegetable 3 %)


crude protein 9.1 %, fat content 1.9 %, crude fibre 8.1 %, crude ash 0.8 %, moisture 12.8 %, calcium 0.12 %, phosphorus 0.88 %

Digestible energy:

13,0 MJ/kg (3.100 kcal/kg)